Things We Never Said – Sample Chapters



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(All previous sample chapters are now included below.)

Snapshot #24

120 format, black and white. Two children are playing in a sandpit with buckets and spades. The little boy, in a woolly jumper and jeans, is staring at the camera and smiling broadly. The little girl, wearing dungarees and a sweatshirt, has her face obscured by a mop of unruly hair which has fallen forwards as she plays.


The drive from the funeral parlour to the house takes place in silence. Beside Sean, April, his daughter, stares stoney-faced from the side window. They both cried abundantly during the service but, right now, are feeling more numbed than anything else.

Both are thinking about the fact that they should probably say something to comfort or reassure the other but, as none of the normal formulas for filling silences work here – there’s no point, for example, in asking if the other is OK when they’re clearly not – they continue their journey in silence. The risk of provoking fresh floods of tears is just too high, at least until the journey is over. Continue reading

Competition: Win a copy of Things We Never Said plus up to £150 in Amazon gift vouchers.


To thank everyone who is intending to grab a copy of my new novel, Things We Never Said (published on the 21st September, 2017) I’ve decided to run another competition.

Enter, and you can win one of three Amazon gift vouchers and copies of my books for yourselves or as gifts.




ENTRY (From the 21st September at 00:00 until the 28th September 2017, at 23:59).

To take part in the competition you need a facebook account, and you need to befriend me ( ).

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A soppy Christmas tale: Patti/Paloma

The consensus was that 2016 had been a rotten year.

Nick’s compatriots has voted to leave the European Union, and all the signs were that whether it ended up being a “soft” Brexit or a “hard” Brexit it would certainly turn out to be a “rotten” Brexit.

The Americans had elected an idiot as president, an idiot who was right now surrounding himself with fellow billionaires ready to run the country (quite possibly into the ground) in 2017.

Tens of thousands had died in Aleppo while tens of thousands more had landed or washed up on Greek beaches to a worse than lacklustre welcome, and while no one seemed to have any fresh ideas how to make any of this stop, terrorists apparently had no trouble coming up with fresh ways to maim and kill people. Continue reading

Ils sont sortis!


They’re out!
The Other Son has been released in French, Italian and Spanish, in both Kindle and paperback formats.
So if you have any friends who speak any of those languages and you think they’d like it, please help spread the word.
Just in time for Xmas! 😉


Questions people ask. #PoweredByIndie

This month, Amazon are celebrating independently published authors , so I thought I’d interview myself to answer some of the most frequent questions I get asked.12314448_10153686960716380_7381684065390461169_o
If you have your own questions, don’t hesitate to let me know, and I’ll add them (and the answers) to the bottom of the list.

How do I find a publisher for my novel. Do you have any tips?
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