A new year, a new publisher, a new novel !

It’s with great pleasure that I’m able to announce I’ve been signed by Storm Publishing for my next novel.

Storm Publishing is an exciting new publishing startup created by Oliver Rhodes – the man who created Bookouture.

I’m thrilled to be one of the first authors Storm will publish. They are right at the cutting edge of the publishing industry, and their team is young and vibrant but also reassuringly experienced. I think the journey we’re about to embark upon together will be really exciting.

“Nick is an incredibly talented writer who crafts unique and highly engaging stories that have captivated readers all around the world,’ said Claire Bord, deputy managing director at Storm. ‘In The Imperfection of Us, Nick has created a heartfelt and intimate portrayal of a marriage, and in Dawn and Rob, readers will find two very relatable and down-to-earth characters. It’s a compelling, honest, and refreshing read, and I can’t wait to publish The Imperfection of Us at Storm.”

The Imperfection of Us will be published in July 2023 in ebook, audio, and paperback.

To learn more about Storm Publishing, please click here: https://stormpublishing.co/

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