You Then, Me Now (2019)


Things We Never Said (2017)

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The Bottle Of Tears (2016) Previously published as Let the Light Shine


The Other Son (2015)

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The Photographer’s Wife (2014)


The Hannah Series (2012/2013)

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The Missing Boyfriend Series (2011/2012)

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The 50 Reasons Series (2004-2009)

50reasons sottopassaggio goodthing betterthan sleightofhand

13:55 Eastern Standard Time (2010)




11 thoughts on “Books

  1. Will u make a 3rd book for the case of the missing boyfriend / the French house, I really liked them but I find that there is a missing piece from that story and would really like the missing part, anyway thanks it is a lovely story and hope for some good news.

    • Hi there. I’m so glad you liked them.
      There are no plans for a sequel YET, but you never know 😉
      But I do have a whole new book out tomorrow! The Photographer’s Wife.
      Nick xxx

      • Yes I think they’re a really good read. I felt at the end of the last book that it was open for another. I shall have to watch this space!! Thanks for replying so promptly. XX

  2. Just finished “The other son”….and i looked for the follow up…..Any hope to have one?…. Such a same not yet so known in France…..Just found that one out of the blue…And could not put my Kindle down…. Honestly…I do not care if in French or in English…But I would love to know YOUR version of the happy end for the mum😀

  3. Have just finished Things We Nver Said, and The Other Son, in 2 days ,on my new kindle. I simply could not put them down, and loved them both. I have now downloaded all your books which means I won’t be doing much else! I was sobbing my eyes out to Alice’s story, but sooo relieved she made the right decision in the end. Thank you for those wonderful characters that came to life for me. Am now a huge fan.

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