Things We Never Said (2017)


The Bottle Of Tears (2016) Previously published as Let the Light Shine


The Other Son (2015)

The Other Son+Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 09.49.31

The Photographer’s Wife (2014)


The Hannah Series (2012/2013)

hannah3Other Halves 5 Jenna

The Missing Boyfriend Series (2011/2012)

The Case Of The Missing Boyfriend, Nick AlexanderThe French House (2012)

The 50 Reasons Series (2004-2009)

50reasons sottopassaggio goodthing betterthan sleightofhand

13:55 Eastern Standard Time (2010)




9 thoughts on “Books

  1. Will u make a 3rd book for the case of the missing boyfriend / the French house, I really liked them but I find that there is a missing piece from that story and would really like the missing part, anyway thanks it is a lovely story and hope for some good news.

    • Hi there. I’m so glad you liked them.
      There are no plans for a sequel YET, but you never know 😉
      But I do have a whole new book out tomorrow! The Photographer’s Wife.
      Nick xxx

      • Yes I think they’re a really good read. I felt at the end of the last book that it was open for another. I shall have to watch this space!! Thanks for replying so promptly. XX

  2. Just finished “The other son”….and i looked for the follow up…..Any hope to have one?…. Such a same not yet so known in France…..Just found that one out of the blue…And could not put my Kindle down…. Honestly…I do not care if in French or in English…But I would love to know YOUR version of the happy end for the mum😀

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