A new novel!

Hi Friends.
Well, what a year it’s been. Horrific, huh?

I do hope you and yours got through it all OK, and a huge hug from me if times have been bad.

There’s not much that’s good to be said about 2020 (and 2021 so far!) but I did at least manage to write a new novel!

In fact, From Something Old is the novel I wrote during the first lockdown here in France. And the one I edited during the second lockdown. And the one I proofed during the third lockdown.

Perhaps that’s why I chose to set much of it in sunny Spain. Because that’s where we all want to be, isn’t it?
So hopefully it will enable you to slip away to the sunshine for a few hours too.

Anyway, here are a few early reviews to get your juices flowing.

"Once again, Nick has written a beautifully crafted, well researched  book that makes you want to turn off your phone, get a coffee, ignore the world and read it in one sitting! As with all his novels, I was hooked from page one. The main characters are between them, charming, endearing, frustrating and rather unpleasant in equal measure but weave together to make a captivating storyline with a heartwarming ending. A perfect summer/lockdown read"
"Nick Alexander does it again !! ...  I was lucky enough to receive an advance copy of Nick's new book via netgalley a few days ago.  I decided to start it yesterday and once started I did not put it down until I had finished it at 1am in the morning (it's been quite a while since I have done that with a book). 
I have been a huge fan of Nick's books for many years now and this new book certainly didn't disappoint.  The storyline is very easy to get into and follow - the characters had a great back story as to who they were and why they were like they were.  A great story of love, betrayal, heartache and finding true happiness in-between it all.
I absolutely loved this book .. thankyou (easy 5 star rating)"
"This is my third book by Nick Alexander and he is quickly becoming a favourite author, I inhale his books I don't read them. He really knows how to write about the human condition, in this story it is about love, sex, marriage and parenthood. I adore the covers of his books as well, they always grab my attention and give a sneak peek as to what's inside.

I love the way that Mr. Alexander can write from the perspective of both male and female characters. I also appreciate the way that the chapters are broken up, from the different characters point of view, which makes for easier reading and lets you feel emotions from everyone's perspective.  Even though there were two not no nice characters in this story it was refreshing to read why they themselves didn't feel like the bad guy.

Nick Alexander is an author who makes the ordinary extraordinary and magical, describing his characters so effortlessly, really bringing them to life and making you, as the reader, care deeply. Once again he writes a beautiful story which shows insight into the lives of others and made this reader turn the pages at an impossible to put down rate. All the stars."

It’s at a special pre-order price until midnight tonight, so if you know you’re going to grab a copy it’s probably best to get in quick!

Order here for Amazon USA:

Here for Amazon Australia:

And here for Amazon UK:

I do hope you enjoy it.
Don’t forget to let me know.

Stay safe. Love Nick. xx

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