Competition. Win free books.

So, it’s (bookshelf clear-out) competition time.
As you must know by now (!) my new novel The Other Son is out on Kindle and in Paperback format this Saturday. To celebrate here’s a fun little free-to-enter competition whereby you can win copies of my books (they’ve been taking up bookshelf space for too long!).

If you win, I’ll dedicate yours to the name of your choice and you can keep it/them or use as a freeby Xmas gift.
I’ll also cover all P&P charges, so it’s an absolute freebie.
All you have to do to enter is:
Between Sat the 17th and Sun the 24th, post to my facebook timeline ( or tweet me (@authornick) a photo of either your kindle/iPhone/iPad/Whatever (with The Other Son book cover showing), or the actual paperback of The Other Son.
The free sample from Amazon contains the book cover, so there’s no purchase required.
On the evening of Sunday the 24th October, Lolo and I will choose the 20 most original photos (so get your cats/kids/granny involved, and take the photos in the daftest place you can possibly think of).
The 20 best photos will receive free, signed, posted copies of The Case Of The Missing Boyfriend, The Half Life of Hannah, or The French House, and the best photo of all will get four books, 1 copy each of The Photographer’s Wife, The Other Son, The Case of The Missing Boyfriend, and The French House.
So start thinking about those photos!

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