First Norwegian review of Hannah!

“Hannah” is a very good book. It is reminiscent of chick-lit, without actually being of that category. In fact, it reminds one a French film, where perhaps not much action happens, but a deep insight into human nature is still conveyed.
The characters feel both plausible and real.
The story is about so much more than just the return of lost love. It’s about family and friends, personal interaction and dwells on what might lie beneath the surface of a successful facade.
The author uses both past and present to build a complete picture.
“Hannah” is unpredictable, and the story is character driven from first page to last. Nevertheless, it has the ability to hold your attention.
And it has a wonderful ending that completes the story in a satisfactory manner, while also allowing for more …
This is a real page turner, and it is at all times exceptionally beautifully written. It is almost impossible to put down, and the story contains several unexpected twists.
I had not expected such a wonderful and emotional novel.
This is a very compelling and emotional tale of family secrets. And a book I highly recommend, perhaps especially for those who enjoy family dramas.
Nick Alexander has with “Hannah” not only written a very good and entertaining novel, but also a book that will get the reader to reflect on their own choices in life.”

Other Halves hits the (virtual) shelves.

Other Halves

Well, it happened! Other Halves, my tenth novel, is out, folks. Please, erm, buy it, download it, read it, and (hopefully) love it just a little bit. And if you don’t mind spreading the word a bit on facebook and elsewhere, to help me make a bit of noise, that would be really, really sweet. xxx

275,000 Hannah readers

What can I say other than ‘wow!’?
The Half-Life of Hannah has now been downloaded just over 275,000 times in Kindle, Google Play, Kobo, and Apple iBook format.
For the longest time (almost ten years) it was just about impossible to believe that any book of mine would ever sell that kind of quantity, so to all of you who stuck with me through those oh-so-difficult years, who told your friends, who bought copies yourselves, thankyou!