275,000 Hannah readers

What can I say other than ‘wow!’?
The Half-Life of Hannah has now been downloaded just over 275,000 times in Kindle, Google Play, Kobo, and Apple iBook format.
For the longest time (almost ten years) it was just about impossible to believe that any book of mine would ever sell that kind of quantity, so to all of you who stuck with me through those oh-so-difficult years, who told your friends, who bought copies yourselves, thankyou!

25th April 2013: The French House AND The Case Of The Missing Boyfriend in the top 10!

The French House (2012)Well there’s a first. After The Half-Life of Hannah reached #1 in Amazon’s Kindle chart, and spent five months in the top 20, my latest novel The French House has leapt straight in at #3! And the prequel The Case Of The Missing Boyfriend is back in the charts at #10 as well! I’m so touched by the enthusiasm of my readers. 2013 is looking to be the best year ever. Thankyou!

One More Page reviews The Case of The Missing Boyfriend

The Case Of The Missing Boyfriend, Nick Alexander

On the surface, The Case of The Missing Boyfriend appears to be a classic ‘chick lit’ tale of a thirty-something woman looking for love but it’s actually an in depth look at lead character CC’s life over the course of a year as she copes with the ups and downs thrown at her. As the novel started, CC reminded me very much of a cross between Bridget Jones and Carrie Bradshaw; she lives and parties in London, has a successful and glamorous career in advertising, owns her own flat and has a fabulous gang of gay male friends to keep her entertained and a couple of close female friends to put things in perspective.

More here: http://www.onemorepage.co.uk/index.php/2013/02/book-review-the-case-of-the-missing-boyfriend-by-nick-alexander/

My interview with Novelicious

“Nick Alexander, author of The Case of the Missing Boyfriend, The Half-Life of Hannah, among others, recently answered a few questions for our Novelicious readers.
Can you tell us a little about your average writing day?
I’ve always had a bit of a lazy streak, and I find it terribly difficult to get down to work. In the old pre-social-media days I would do anything to avoid getting down to work: housework, cleaning windows, polishing my keyboard, brushing the cat…” http://www.novelicious.com/2013/02/novelicious-chats-tonick-alexander.html

Kim talks book interviews Yours Truly

Kim Talks Books interviews yours truly.
“A few weeks ago, I found out about Nick Alexander through some of his fans on Twitter. I was curious, so I picked up two of his books–The Half-Life of Hannah and The Case of the Missing Boyfriend–for my beloved Kindle. I wasn’t disappointed. Both books are great reads (get thee to Amazon or your fave bookstore and buy his books ASAP). I tracked down Nick and asked him if I could interview him for kimtalksbooks.” <more here>

The reviews of The Half-Life of Hannah are in!

Frothyreads.com reviews The Half-Life Of Hannah.
“This exceeded my expectations, such a nuanced, well-written tale. All the characters are well thought out, and the surprises along the way (which I didn’t see coming) make it unputdownable once you’ve got into it.”

Kindle Book Review reviews The Half-Life Of Hannah.
“I loved the characters Hannah, Jill and Tristan. I thought that all of the characters were well developed and it was a thoroughly engaging story. This book also addresses some serious issues, it does it tastefully but also raises awareness to the reader.I loved this and I can not wait to read more of this author’s books. I have rated The Half Life of Hannah 5 stars.”