Other Halves hits the (virtual) shelves.

Other Halves

Well, it happened! Other Halves, my tenth novel, is out, folks. Please, erm, buy it, download it, read it, and (hopefully) love it just a little bit. And if you don’t mind spreading the word a bit on facebook and elsewhere, to help me make a bit of noise, that would be really, really sweet. xxx http://www.amazon.co.uk/Other-Halves-Nick-Alexander-ebook/dp/B00GL9R6MO/

4 thoughts on “Other Halves hits the (virtual) shelves.

  1. Oh, there’s a sequel? Briliant!! Have JUST this minute finished The Half Life of Hannah and loved it (and loved Tristan, damn him for being gay…), and wanted to say, thank you, I loved your book, and now you made it even better. Going to buy it now…

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