2011 – What a year!

Well, what an amazing year it’s been.
Early in 2011 I finished Sleight of Hand and released it as an ebook (to thankfully good reviews.)
I read from it in March at Paul Burston’s Polari event which was, as always, brilliant fun.
Having finally given up on ever finding a publisher for The Case Of The Missing Boyfriend (written in 2010 in fact) I decided to self publish it on Kindle. It went straight to #1 and sold over 70,000 copies which even at the low cover price I chose (99p) made me enough dosh to clear my (by then considerable) debts to friends and family. And that was even *before* it was spotted by Corvus Atlantic (who then bought the rights to all my books) and re-issued. The Hardback comes out in March 2012. Watch this space.
Outside of work, I made some great new friends in 2011 which brought invitations to some amazing parties and drew a whole slew of new people to my own annual summer bash which was indisputably the best ever (and with the loudest sound-system the valley has ever had to suffer). We grooved until seven AM.
In the UK, my best mate got married and I was best man. It was a truly lovely event and the love oozing from all those present was palpable and moving.
In October I released the paperback of Sleight of Hand to good reviews.
In November, I published James Maker’s Autofellatio (which went on to win the Polari First Book Prize!).
In early December I finished the first draft of the sequel to The Case Of The Missing Boyfriend.

I am just now breathing a huge sigh of relief as the initial reader reports are that it’s a fitting sequel and a rocking read. As I’m always terrified that everything I do is most likely to be a load of royt robash, that’s a hell of a relief. 🙂

As if all of this wasn’t enough, I have just spent a fabby Xmas with my best friend in Buxton, drunk too much, stuffed my face with nut roast, and to top it all even met a rather charming chap on the way home. So maybe, just maybe, it will be that 2012 might bring the one ingredient that eluded me in 2011?? Here’s hoping.
Despite all of the doom and gloom in the press, it’s been tip-top for me.

It reminds me of a cartoon by a Michael Lunig. It shows a guy sitting holding a newspaper. His TV the screen shows a nuclear mushroom cloud and soldiers with rifles, and the subtitles read “death and destruction”. Across the top of the newspaper he is holding it reads “Doom and Gloom”. But the man is turning his head and looking, with puzzlement from the window at the vista beyond. Outside his own house, the sun is shining and lambs are frolicking across the dales, and I guess the message is, don’t let the media definition of news (ie bad news) spoil your world view. For most of us a simple glance out of the window, a simple evening with good friends, is enough to show that everything is basically fine.

Thanks to each and everyone of you for your love, friendship, and support and for making this such a breakthrough year for me.
Wishing you all a fabulous end to the year, and everything you’re hoping for in 2012.
Nick xxx

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