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  1. Hope now you have found ‘the one’ you won’t stop writing your fantastic novels. I know Nice well – it is the perfect place for love! Have a happy life together.

  2. Am 3/4 of the way through The French House and it’s stopping me from getting to sleep at night (despite being sleep deprived due to my toddler’s teething) as it’s just so brilliantly written and I totally feel like I’m involved in the characters’ lives. I love your depth of characters and storytelling skills. Your depiction of CC is excellent. I didn’t realise that there is a prequel so shall be ordering that from the library as well as your other books. Delighted to have found your work and cannot believe that publishers have refused your work… what do they know?! Please keep writing! Nicky

  3. Having read the Half Life of Hannah and Other Halves I am now thoroughly enjoying reading your 50 Reasons Series, my first foray into Gaylit. I shall be sad to get to the end of the series. Compliments on your writing style.

  4. Hi again – have read The Case of the Missing Boyfriend and loved it too so thank you for writing such great books. Just one question – when CC and her mum are at Kew Gardens having lunch, CC refers to the ‘arched window’ and then to Blue Peter – wasn’t the arched window etc from Play School??!!!

  5. I have just recently discovered Nick Alexander, and having read 3 books so far, I am hooked! I absolutely loved The Case Of The Missing Boyfriend and The French House! And The Photographers Wife was fantastic. Keep up the good work, I shall be looking out for more.

  6. I’m a french reader and I didn’t know Nick Alexander. The title attracted me, I’m a photographer’s daughter, maybe that is the reason why. I’ve loved the caracters, Minnnie, Barbara and Glenda first, then Sophie…. and the way the author “knit” his story and make us understand the relation between Sohie and Barbara, slowly and tenderly. I was’nt born during the war, but still… my “bra burner” state of mind, made me understand Barbra’s frustrations. To make it short, I’ve loved that novel and look forward reading more of Nick Alexander. Thank you. Marie from Paris

  7. When I read Photographers Wife, I had never heard of you and I was convinced that you were a woman (I’m thinking must be a Nicola) you seemed to echo my thought patterns – and then since working my way through every book you have written so far I came to the early realisation that you are just my kind of brilliant writer. I have never read about the life and loves of men (educational), love the way that your hetro sexual scenes don’t force me to skip pages of blah blah. Your characters are mesmerising – I don’t know how you do it but you are just fantastic. From a very picky reader and raving fan.

  8. Hi Nick, I have read several of your books now, starting with The Photgraphers wife, and sort of moving backwards . Nevertheless I am sitting at the base of the Pyrenees reading the half life of Hannah and then had to buy Other halves . Thank you so much for writing Great stories that never fail to move me. I am so very fussy and it drives me mad when authors “get things wrong”. Or forget what has happened previously so situations don’t make sense.. Keep up the good work,you are such a joy to read. Love Lizzy xx

    • Hi Liz. I love the idea of you sitting at the base of the Pyrenees reading my books 🙂 And I’m SO glad you’re enjoying them. Don’t forget to post amazon reviews if you find the time. They’re evah-so-important. xxx

  9. Just finished ‘The Other Son’ and I loved it I want Bruno as a friend ! Please think about a sequel 🙂 Your dialogue is so good , it made this book a joy to read despite some unlikable characters Thank you Debbie D

  10. Hi Nick, I have just finished “The Photographer’s Wife” in German and wanted to find out who the amazing author is… 😄 Now I have downloaded all your novels and I dare say: “German winter does not bother me any more because I won’t recognize it while reading!” Thank you!

    • Hello Sabine!
      I’m so glad you enjoyed my novel! I hope you enjoy the others too! Do let me know. xxx
      PS. Please don’t forget to post a little review on They’re ever so important! 😉

  11. Hi, i just finished the photographer’s wife, in French. I can tell that the translation is very very good, because I really loved that book, and you wrote it with a woman sensibility, as I can guess. Merci.

  12. Hi Nick

    I’ve just finished reading ‘The Case of the Missing Boyfriend’ and ‘The French House’. I couldn’t put them down and have literally sat for 3 days reading. (With Co-vid lockdown, it’s been a perfect diversion). I loved all the characters, including Victor, Mark, Iian and Darren. I could see these beautiful men clearly, their different characteristics and physical charm. My only criticism is that I could not picture CC. As much as I loved the dynamic character of CC, I could not see her in my ‘minds eye’. I wanted to know more about her physical appearance, her beauty …. the colour of her hair, eyes, skin, etc.

    Even so, I much enjoyed the books. Thank you.

    Melbourne, Australia

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed it. And sorry about “invisible” CC. I rarely do much description of any of my characters, preferring to let the reader’s mind’s eye create the necessary detail. x

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