Good Thing, Bad Thing (50 Reasons, Vol 3)

goodthing“Spooky and Emotionally turbulent yet profoundly comedic – a roller-coaster literary treasure.” – Book Marks

On holiday with new boyfriend Tom, Mark heads off to rural Italy for a spot of camping. When the ruggedly seductive Dante invites them onto his farmland the lovers think they have struck lucky, but there is more to Dante than meets the eye – much more. Thoroughly bewitched, Tom, all innocence, appears blind to Dante’s dark side – but Mark is racked with suspicion. As their holiday starts to spin slowly but very surely out of control, it is Mark, alone, who can maybe save the day…

Funny, sexy and clever, this is a story about understanding and forgiveness, and an investigation of the fact that life is rarely quite as bad – or as good – as it seems.

Titles in the 50 Reasons Series:

Volume 1: 50 Reasons to Say Goodbye
Volume 2: Sottopassaggio
Volume 3: Good Thing, Bad Thing
Volume 4: Better Than Easy
Volume 5: Sleight Of Hand

Links:, Google Play.

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