50 Reasons to Say Goodbye

50reasons“This perceptive and obstinately optimistic book balances passion and pathos with wit that entertains, whimsy that charms, and wisdom that engages.” – Richard Labonte, Book Marks

Mark is looking for love in all the wrong places.

He always ignores the warning signs, preferring to dream, time and again, that he has met the perfect lover until finally, one day…

Through fifty vivid snapshots of life as a young gay man in Brighton, Mark takes us on a very funny tour of the modern dating minefield: from s&m nightclubs to chintzy b&bs, from disastrous blind dates to promising internet hookups… It’s all here.

Wry, touching, witty and honest, 50 Reasons to Say Goodbye is a poignant exploration of that long winding road: the universal search for love.

Titles in the 50 Reasons Series:

Volume 1: 50 Reasons to Say Goodbye
Volume 2: Sottopassaggio
Volume 3: Good Thing, Bad Thing
Volume 4: Better Than Easy
Volume 5: Sleight Of Hand

Links: Amazon.co.ukAmazon.comApple, Google Play.

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