13:55 Eastern Standard Time

1355-l“Time Out Magazine – “Dazzling”
“Alexander is a master of minimalism, a literary Philip Glass, driving
home emotional content in single, often devastatingly telling lines.
The overall effect is dazzling – 13:55 is a novel, a collection of short
stories, and a whole lot more besides.””

Alice looks at the phone and then glances at the clock. 13:55 EST makes – she counts on her fingers – about 6pm in Berlin. He’ll be on his way home. Alice settles into the armchair and dials the number…
If Alice hadn’t bumped into Will then she would probably never have phoned that afternoon. And if Alice hadn’t called, then Michael, poor Michael, might still be alive today…

In a digital age of world-spanning communications and easy travel these stories explore how interconnected and yet fragmented our lives have become, and how – no matter where we live or what we do, no matter how different our lifestyles – the universal desires for love and happiness draw us ever onward.

Both short story collection and novel, 13:55 Eastern Standard Time finds Nick Alexander at his best. Sometimes disturbing, sometimes funny, these are stories of lives that cross and collide in life-ending drama, or simply run peacefully alongside for a few hours – lives filled with characters who are attracted and repelled, hopeless and yet inspired.
Narrated in Alexander’s trademark tense prose, these interwoven stories explore the ripples emanating from our every act, ripples that alter distant destinies, and occasionally bounce back, catching us from behind to haunt or inspire.
13:55 Eastern Standard Time repeats the success of Alexander’s first novel, 50 Reasons to Say Goodbye because again, as with life itself, the whole is mysteriously greater than the sum of the parts.

Links: Amazon.co.ukAmazon.comApple, Google Play.

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