Finally! News of the next book!

Hi folks.

Sorry it’s been such a long wait!
As I’ve switched this year from self-publishing to being published by Lake Union it’s thrown my normal timeline of publishing each new novel in Autumn into disarray. Proper publishers work more slowly (but more thoroughly) than we self-publishers, putting the text through many different layers of editing and correction.
But the good news, is that You Then, Me Now is finally finished, and will be published in May. I do hope you’ll enjoy it.

Nick xxx

2 thoughts on “Finally! News of the next book!

  1. Hi Nick,

    For some reason when I see your posts on Facebook I cannot make any comment. The comment button is not there! Is it only special people who can make comments and I am not one of them? 😣

    Best wishes and looking forward to the new book

    Sue Kerr

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