Ils sont sortis!


They’re out!
The Other Son has been released in French, Italian and Spanish, in both Kindle and paperback formats.
So if you have any friends who speak any of those languages and you think they’d like it, please help spread the word.
Just in time for Xmas! 😉


8 thoughts on “Ils sont sortis!

  1. Dear Nick,

    congratulation !!! I like the cover, and I wish you a big success in the Latin Countries.

    Hope you and Laurent are fine, I am, this is a nice time, since beginning of November the family grew with the arrival of a cat, Pet his name. He had been visiting us in the back garden since post summer 2015. He had a collar so we concluded he was from some neighbors. Yet he kept on staying at us longer and longer, than some signals indicated that he could have issues with his former family. To cut the story short, it turned out that he has a brother (Pim) who kicked him out of his former place, territory I guess, the pitiless law of Nature. So we agreed with his former family that we adopted him, and now he is happy and peacefully enjoying our family life. He is a joy, and a true pacifier, which I understand was what we needed right now in the family. It was a gift from Providence, really.

    You ? Plans for Christmas ? Suppose (just suppose) I wished to send you and Laurent a small parcel, which address should I use ?

    Let’s stay in touch and till next time, I wish you a very happy pre-Christmas time, and a belated Happy St. Nicholas day (it was yesterday, right ?).



  2. Bonjour, Nick! Felicitations du pays de Brexit… Very sorry but I can’t do accents on here. Just wanted to say I’m your latest huge fan – copy-editing this for your publisher. Oh my gosh, why have I not come across your books before? You have such a way with dialogue and the story, not to mention fabulous characterisation. I’m going through this with Julie Walters in my head for Alice – she’s from Smethwick. Any ideas for the dreadful Ken? Really looking forward to the audio and then to the serial / film. So glad to see that Paloma makes her entrance. Salut, Monica x

    • Hi Monica. Which book are you copy editing and in which language? I’m so glad you liked it. Julie Walters would be perfect! I think Ken should probably be played by Ken Morley !! xxx

      • Hello there. I’m copy-editing (very gently!) The Other Son, UK/US edition for Amazon. Just looked up Ken Morley, him off Corrie. Great, except is he bullish enough? Maybe I just haven’t seen him in action. I’m imagining him old but mean, still some good looks, a typical Brexit voter. Right, must get back to it! xxx
        P.S. We have a place in France near Perpignan, so I’ll get all the French bits : )
        Plus an unpredictable cat.

      • OK, I am convinced! Not by his sorry demeanour on BB, but by the accusations against him. Ken is perfect for Ken… Probably went straight to the pub, and then on to rant at the missus for unfair treatment. Cheers! x

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