Sleight Of Hand – Review Roundup

sleightofhand“Sleight of Hand is novelist Nick Alexander’s latest volume following the life of the now beloved character Mark. It is a tender, deeply moving portrait of what it means to be gay in the twenty-first century. Alexander has looked beyond stereotypical representations of sexuality, both gay and straight, to show us…the infinite possibilities of what love, family and belonging truly mean. It re-imagines the boundaries of gay fiction and inspires us to re-evaluate our lives. A subtle, deeply moving examination of the ways we can re-imagine ourselves.” – Out There magazine

“Is it just my imagination, or are Nick Alexander’s novels getting darker? They’re certainly getting better, and considering the high standard and huge popularity of his first, that’s no mean feat. This isn’t just a great piece of gay fiction. It’s a great book, period.” – Paul Burston, author

“Funny, smart and sharp; Alexander works with snappy dialogue and the wonderfully subtle interplay of relationships between gay men, their ex’s and their women friends. Two men, one Colombian one British, give each other what they (think) they want and how that impacts on their lives in a slow lunatic descent of madcap plotting and honest exploring of the limits of honesty, desire and trust. It’s laugh out loud funny and might make you cry too. Set in Colombia, London and Brighton, this book is fun with a capital F. EP. (Gscene Magazine)

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