A roundup of reviews of Better Than Easy

betterthanSo the reviews are all in… here’s what some of the press thought.

Richard Labonte – Books To Watch Out For

“Can love last? Can gay men find domestic contentment? Alexander asks and answers pesky questions central to the homo condition in this perceptive, entertaining novel that showcases his warm wit, his wry insight, and his commendable knack for crafting queer characters with real dimension. Gay fiction doesn’t get much better than Better Than Easy.”

Paul Burston – Time Out
“Better Than Easy is my favourite of Nick Alexander’s novels so far. It’s sweet, sexy, funny and tender, and I’m not ashamed to say I laughed and cried.”

Rob Dawson – Gay Times
“Nick Alexander does something quite exceptional with words… It’s touching, funny, and damn sexy at times, causing a stir in more ways that one. I loved 13:55 Eastern Standard Time, I loved the last three volumes of the 50 Reasons series, and I loved this book. Rob Dawson..”

Blaze magazine
“Better Than Easy is very readable – unlike so much gay fiction – and Alexander successfully paints a series of characters self-absorbed and full of human frailties. Like all of us really… … A touch of W.H Auden perhaps? This reviewer now wants to read the first three books as well…

Melbourne Community Voice
“There’s enough spice to keep the story moving along and Alexander has the Dickensian knack of using accidental meetings and coincidences to advance his plot. The real beauty of the writing is in the carefully observed comings and goings of the relationship between Tom and Mark.

Gscene Brighton
“The message of the story is about not settling for what’s comfortable but, instead, striving for what’s ‘better than easy’. The issues in regards to Tom and Mark’s relationship are quite realistic, showing that the underlying doubts we have about a person are usually justified. But it gives a positive message that long-term relationships are achievable, no matter what your sexuality – it’s all to do with your own beliefs.

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