Good Thing, Bad Thing – Review Roundup

goodthingHere’s a summary of press reviews for Good Thing, Bad Thing.

Time Out Magazine Nov 2006 – Paul Burston
“Alexander is a keen observer of gay relationships, and it’s the fall-out from these which proves the most gripping, as Tom suffers post-traumatic stress disorder and Mark is forced to question the depth of his love for him. Bad things happen in this book, but out of them something good emerges. Ultimately, it’s a tale about forgiveness, and a rewarding one at that.”

BookMarks Syndicate Oct 2006 – Richard Labonte
“The saga of Mark’s endearing quest for one true love takes a dark, spooky, and emotionally turbulent – but still profoundly comedic – turn in Alexander’s insightful third novel in a captivating trilogy. This one is a roller-coaster literary treasure all on its own – but do yourself a favour, and treat yourself to its two prequels as soon as you can, if you haven’t already.”

Axm Magazine, March 2007
“Bright and sexy continuation of Nick Alexander’s previous two novels, Mark and new boyfriend Tom go camping and meet Dante’s peak! Excellent.”

Gay Times – January 2007 Joseph Galliano
“From the author of Sottopassaggio and 50 Reasons to Say Goodbye comes Good Thing, Bad Thing. When Dante invites Mark (who will be familiar to readers of the two earlier books) and his new boyfriend Tom to stay on a farm, Mark is delighted at the break from city life. But there is more to Dante than meets the eye….”

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